Ductless Mini Split Services for Sebree, Henderson, and Surrounding Areas in Western KY

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Sleek, quiet and extremely energy-efficient, ductless systems offer an attractive alternative to traditional air conditioning. Thanks to their efficient performance, they can lower your cooling costs while keeping you comfortable all summer long.

The Ductless Difference

Equipped with individual fans called air handlers, ductless air conditioning eliminates the energy losses associated with central air systems. Instead of relying on ductwork, the cool air is delivered directly into rooms or zones. Conduits installed behind each air handler link to an outdoor unit that houses the compressor and condenser. It's a highly efficient technology that lets you enjoy significantly lower energy bills than traditional systems.

Targeted Cooling

Adding square footage to your home enhances its value, but keeping the new space comfortable poses challenges. When it's not practical to extend your existing cooling system, ductless systems offer an ideal solution. Whether it's a room addition, an enclosed porch or a mother-in-law unit, ductless AC is perfect for point-of-use applications.

  • Why block a view with a bulky, noisy and inefficient window air conditioner? When it comes to cooling, ductless systems are up to 35-percent more efficient than window units. Because the air handler is attached to a wall, not a window, you'll enjoy more natural light too.
  • Dual-purpose ductless systems will keep a remodeled attic, basement or garage cool in summer and comfortably warm all winter long. Up to 50-percent more efficient than electric heaters, they can save you a bundle on heating costs.
  • A fast and easy installation process makes ductless systems ideal for zoned cooling. Ductless installations are far less invasive than traditional systems. The only alteration made to your structure is a 3-inch hole in an exterior wall to run the conduit to the unit outside.

Custom Comfort

What's the perfect indoor temperature? The truth is that what feels just right to one person can make others feel uncomfortable. Ductless AC comfort systems put an end to arguments about thermostat settings at home and work. With individual controls for each indoor handler, you can maintain a different temperature in every living space. Handheld remotes make it convenient to adjust the settings from your favorite easy chair. You can even choose a model that automatically adjusts temperatures to meet your individual needs.

E&M Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning is pleased to include ductless heat pumps in our selection of quality HVAC products. Contact our qualified experts to discover if ductless technology is the right choice for you!

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