Keeping Your HVAC System Efficient This Spring in Henderson, KY

Staying up-to-date with your HVAC system’s efficiency is crucial. Organizing routine HVAC maintenance enhances effective air conditioning as the outdoor temperatures grow warmer. Here are tips to ensure an efficient HVAC system in your Henderson, KY, home.

Get an Upgrade

If your home currently uses an HVAC system that is more than 15 years old, spring is the perfect time for making an upgrade. Older HVAC units have less air conditioning efficiency and capacity. As the outdoor climate heats up, your old HVAC system becomes more susceptible to malfunction.

A new HVAC system will ensure appropriate air conditioning all through the spring and summer season. Additionally, purchasing a new HVAC system will also save you significantly on your monthly utility bills.

Clean the Ductwork

Keeping the air ducts clean is vital to ensure efficient HVAC running. The ductwork gradually gathers harmful substances on the internal surface, risking your home’s air quality. Common sources of air duct clogging include dirt, dust, microbial growth, and pet hair.

Calling an HVAC expert to clean the ducts is a major step toward boosting HVAC operation. Moreover, your HVAC contractor can examine the ductwork system for leaking joints or cracks.

Clean the Drainage

Poor maintenance of the HVAC system’s condensate drain line could lead to problems also. Clogging arises due to the accumulation of dirt, and biologic particulate buildup within the drain line. Upon blocking, your system will blow warm air and could stop working altogether; in addition to the drain pan filling and perhaps overflowing.

Professional cleaning of the drain line promotes proper temperature control and airflow.

Routine Maintenance

Aside from cleaning the filters and air ducts, professional HVAC servicing is equally important. Essentially, your system requires professional maintenance to stave off major problems later on. Consult an expert for an exhaustive assessment of your HVAC system’s components and electrical connections.

Contact E&M Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning today for quality HVAC installation and repair services. We provide top-notch comfort all year.

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