How to Troubleshoot Your Tankless Water Heater in Calhoun, KY

A tankless water heater is a great investment for homeowners in Calhoun, KY, because it’s energy-efficient, durable and requires low maintenance costs. However, like any other appliance, tankless water heaters also face some problems from time to time. The following are some common tankless water heater problems.

The Cold Water Sandwich

This is one of the most common issues that homeowners experience with their tankless water heater. Suppose someone in your household takes a shower before you. When you turn on the shower, you’re likely to experience hot water at first; then, it runs cold and hot again.

The simple explanation for this issue is that when you entered the shower there was little hot water left in the pipes, which is what you felt at first. When there’s no more hot water, you’ll experience a burst of cold water as the tankless water heater warms up.

If you don’t want to experience this discomfort, you might want to let your tap run for a few seconds before you start showering. However, if the cold water sandwich keeps happening throughout your shower, you may want to call plumbing services to your home.

The Water Looks and Smells Bad

The water in your home should be clear and odorless. However, if it comes out discolored and with a bad smell, it means that there’s bacteria that is growing inside your water heater. For this reason, make it a habit to clean your water heater every six months to get rid of any bacterial growth that might be accumulating.

The Water Heater Won’t Turn on

If there’s a problem with the fuel source, it means that the heater isn’t accessing fuel; therefore, it won’t turn on. If you have an electric-powered water heater, you might need to check the breaker box to see if you the breaker needs to be reset.

On the other hand, if you have a gas-powered heater, you might need to check if the heater is getting a gas supply. If the problem isn’t a problem with either, call our water heater services to take a look.


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