How to Keep Your AC Running Its Best Through Summer

Summer in Sebree, Kentucky, is about fun. You don’t want an AC breakdown to spoil things and cost you money. Here’s how to keep your air conditioner working problem-free and your summer enjoyable:

Schedule AC Maintenance

Almost all AC repairs can be avoided with annual AC maintenance. Hard-working Western Kentucky air conditioners need a thorough inspection and a deep cleaning every year. Dirt and dust buildup can damage your system and make it work extra hard to power through the grime. The excessive wear can produce unpleasantly high utility bills and shorten equipment service life. Contaminants can blow into your home and pollute indoor air.

Stock up on HVAC Filters

Filters help to protect your AC from dust and dirt. Never operate your air conditioner with a dirty or clogged filter. It will obstruct airflow, and the system won’t be able to cool your home. The coil could freeze up, and the system could shut down. Small debris could invade your air conditioner and cause problems with the motor and compressor. HVAC filters should be checked every 30 to 90 days. If you can’t see the filter through the dirt, you need a filter change.

Check Your Condensation Line

The condensation line is the drain pipe through which moisture is removed from your home by the air conditioner. The line exits your home near the AC outdoor unit. If your system is running, this pipe should be dripping water periodically. With a clog, moisture can’t drain out. Water could overflow the drain pan and create puddles around your indoor unit. It can back up into your system and damage it. There might be ceiling leaks or water stains, and you might notice high humidity.

E&M Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning can keep you and your AC happy all summer with our affordable AC maintenance plans. Call (270) 835-2306 to learn more or schedule your maintenance appointment today.

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