5 Signs of AC Compressor Issues in Sebree, KY

The compressor is the backbone of your air conditioning unit. A faulty compressor doesn’t pressurize the refrigerant to absorb heat indoors and release it outdoors, calling for costly repairs or replacement. Look for these warning signs of AC compressor problems in Sebree, KY.

1. Hot Air Inside Your Home

A functional compressor takes hot air outside your space to maintain cool temperatures. If you place your hand near the AC’s fan and the air is hot, it could signify a faulty compressor. A refrigerant leak could also be the culprit, causing a strain on the compressor.

2. The Compressor Doesn’t Turn On

Your compressor might be faulty if the fan inside your home is functional, but the AC cannot cool your space. An AC repair technician will inspect the compressor and recommend a suitable solution, depending on the extent of the damage. You might be a candidate for compressor replacement if the device fails to turn on even when the fan is running.

3. Less Airflow

You should have consistent airflow from the vents. Less airflow than usual might indicate a weak compressor that requires professional help. Ensure that you call an AC professional immediately before the compressor fails or damages other parts of the air conditioner.

4. Ticking or Chattering Sound

If you notice a ticking AC noise, your compressor is struggling to turn on and off. It might also indicate a failing electrical relay. Either way, call an experienced HVAC professional to inspect the compressor, repair the faulty parts or replace it.

5. Circuit Breaker Tripping

Another telltale sign of a bad compressor is a condensing unit that keeps tripping the circuit. It happens when there’s overheating and drawing of too much power. Besides resetting the circuit breaker and turning on your air conditioner, hire an expert to check the compressor.

It’s not advisable to ignore these signs of a failing AC compressor. Regular maintenance can help keep the compressor functional and avoid premature failure. Call us at E&M Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning to schedule affordable and prompt maintenance services.

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