4 Signs of a Malfunctioning Air Handler in Marion, KY

Your air handler in Marion, KY, helps regulate your home’s temperature by circulating air. Unfortunately, it can break down and cause the air inside to become too hot or cold. Here are four signs that could indicate your air handler is malfunctioning.

1. Inconsistent Airflow

The air from one room should not be cooler or warmer than another when your air handler is operating correctly. If there are inconsistencies in the air temperature, or one room has no airflow, this could be a sign that it is malfunctioning. The problem could be a worn motor or a blocked filter.

2. High Energy Bills

A malfunctioning air handler can cause your energy bill to skyrocket due to the extra effort required to circulate air. The motor has to work harder, which can affect the performance of your air conditioning system and increase energy consumption. Schedule a maintenance appointment when you notice a higher utility bill although your provider’s rates haven’t gone up.

3. Condensate Leaks

The air conditioner can produce condensation that collects in the pan under the air handler. If it isn’t draining the condensate properly, you may notice water puddles around the base of your unit or increased humidity levels throughout your home. High moisture accumulation provides a good breeding ground for biological contaminants like bacteria and fungi.

4. Motor Failure

The motor blows the air through the ductwork, providing the necessary airflow. The motor may fail due to age, wear, a bad relay or lack of maintenance. When the motor fails, it causes an increase in energy usage.

Any malfunctioning HVAC handler needs quick diagnosis and repair to prevent further damage. We’ll make sure it is functioning efficiently, so you can enjoy a comfortable environment in your home. Contact our team at E&M Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning for all your preventive maintenance and air handler needs in Marion, KY.

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