4 Habits That Damage Your Home’s Plumbing in Webster, KY

Your plumbing system is vital in providing a clean water supply to your home, heating water and draining wastewater away from the house. You might not know it, but some of your habits could be your plumbing’s biggest threat. If you want to avoid most plumbing problems in your Webster, KY, home, it’s best to stop the following bad habits.

1. Assuming Seemingly Small Leaks Aren’t a Big Deal

A small water leak can quickly turn into a disaster if you ignore it. The earlier you fix a leaky pipe, the lower the risk of water damages to your home and the lower the chances of premature plumbing breakdowns. A seemingly small leak can waste several gallons of water per day, increasing your water bill.

2. Neglecting Plumbing Maintenance

If you neglect maintenance like flashing water heaters, regular drain cleaning and fixing a leaky toilet, you’re damaging your plumbing. It’s essential to hire a licensed plumber to regularly clean your drains and maintain fixtures to keep the system functional and prevent costly breakdowns. Maintenance also entails checking water pressure to identify plumbing issues and fixing them early on.

3. Abusing Your Disposal

While it’s convenient to wash all your food scraps down the drain, this habit might damage your garbage disposal. Your disposal isn’t made to handle large food particles and many scraps. Protect your garbage disposal from harmful clogs by avoiding the bad habit of pouring hot grease, coffee grounds, potato peels, and pasta down your sink.

4. Relying on Liquid Drain Cleaners

The habit of over-relying on liquid drain cleaners eventually damages your drains. Liquid drain cleaners have harsh chemicals that can produce heat and crack and corrode your pipes, reducing your pipes’ lifespan. The best solution is to call a plumber for drain cleaning whenever your drains clog and fix existing pipe issues.

These bad habits can be challenging to stop, but the first step is recognizing them. Talk to a licensed plumber as soon as you notice anything wrong with your plumbing system. Call E&M Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning today to schedule repairs and for more information about taking care of your home’s plumbing system.

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