3 Sounds Your Furnace Should Never Make in Madisonville, KY

Your furnace will make specific types of noises to alert you about issues including clogged air filters, fuel ignition problems, a cracked heat exchanger or a leak. Here are three common noises your furnace shouldn’t make, what they mean and what to do about them.


You hear the furnace whistling when there is debris in the airflow. A common reason for whistling is a dirty air filter. There could be a blockage in the return or larger debris in the ductwork.

A serious issue that causes whistling can occur if the heating system is too big to fit your home. An expert can fix the furnace or replace it if necessary.

Furnace is Rumbling

A furnace normally makes a roaring sound when powering on. A loud and continuous rumble could indicate a burner issue. This problem occurs when the fuel burns after the heating system has shut off.

The noise is hard to ignore and needs your attention as soon as possible. This issue is dangerous because excess fuel burning will release toxic carbon monoxide. A technician can look at the heating system and repair it quickly.

Knocking or Clunking

A furnace should never make a knocking or clunking noise. You may hear one of these sounds if the misaligned blower fan blades hit another part of the heating system. The clunking can also result from a split or cracked fan belt hitting another part of the furnace.

As soon as you hear a knocking or clunking coming from your heating system, shut it off. You shouldn’t investigate serious problems with your furnace on your own. Call a technician to look at the heating system and fix it safely.

Other noises you could hear from a defective heating system include scraping, squealing and banging. The next time you have an issue with your heating system, call us at E&M Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment. We’re ready to help with all your HVAC and plumbing needs in the Madisonville, KY, area.

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