3 Signs that Your Commercial HVAC Needs Repair

When running a business, employees, operating expenses, and attracting customers are top of mind. The HVAC system is the last of your worries — until it breaks. A malfunctioning HVAC system can have a negative impact on your Sebree, KY, business. Here are three common signs that indicate your commercial HVAC system is in need of repairs.

Unhappy Employees or Customers

When the air conditioner isn’t functioning at its best, the first people to grumble are employees, customers, and tenants. Employees will be less productive when they’re working in an environment that’s too hot or too cold and customers will soon move on to a competitor with a more comfortable space.

Disruptive AC Noises

A noisy HVAC system can be a problem depending on the type of business you run. In a factory, the noise is probably not bothersome. However, in a hotel or spa environment, a loud or rattling AC is disruptive and can annoy customers. Commercial HVAC systems are designed to run quietly. When they become unusually noisy, this indicates that something is wrong. Don’t wait until the system breaks down. Contact your HVAC contractor immediately to identify the problem.

A Spike in the Power Bill

A sudden jump in the electric bill often points to an inefficient HVAC system. There are various reasons a commercial HVAC system experiences a drop in efficiency. This could be as a result of leaks in the ductwork, a build-up of dust and dirt in the system, or perhaps the system is old and needs replacing. The best way to ensure your business’ heating and cooling doesn’t fail unexpectedly is to have it serviced at regular intervals. Regular HVAC maintenance identifies potential problems early and ensures that the system runs efficiently.

To avoid a disruption in business caused by a poorly functioning heating and cooling system, have your commercial HVAC system fixed at the first sign of a problem and schedule regular maintenance. For commercial HVAC repairs in Sebree, KY, and surrounding areas, contact E&M Heating, Plumbing, and Air Conditioning at 270-835-2306.

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