Is Your Heat Pump Crying Out for Help in Calhoun, KY?

Heat pumps are increasingly becoming the best option for both heating and cooling homes in Calhoun, KY. However, the fact that heat pumps often run throughout most of the year makes it essential that you know how to spot the signs that your unit isn’t working correctly. Here are some of the most common noises you may hear your heat pump make and what each means.

Whooshing Sounds

You may often hear your heat pump make a loud whooshing sound when the unit is heating during the colder months. This sound is typically nothing to worry about as heat pumps will make this noise whenever the reversing valve activates and the unit switches over to defrost mode.

Gurgling or Hissing

A gurgling or hissing sound is often more troublesome and is something you should get checked out immediately. This noise could indicate that the unit has a refrigerant leak or the refrigerant level is low.

A broken or malfunctioning reversing valve can also cause the unit to make a hissing sound. Preventive maintenance should help to prevent these issues, but we would always recommend immediately shutting the unit down if you ever hear these sounds.

Grinding or Scraping

Grinding or scraping noises are usually related to the heat pump fan. In most cases, these sounds result from a foreign object or debris getting inside the unit and getting hit as the fan spins.

Buzzing or Humming

Buzzing or humming noises can also be quite serious. One potential cause is a worn-out fan motor or something else that is otherwise preventing the fan blades from spinning.

Heat pumps can also make humming noises due to a bad solenoid or because the compressor motor is beginning to wear out. All of these are issues that you will want to have checked out and repaired as soon as possible.

If your heat pump is making loud noise or has any other issues, our technicians are always here to help. Contact the team at E&M Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning if you need to have your heat pump inspected or any other HVAC service in Calhoun, KY.

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